Medwork IRO: Join Our Physician Panel
Medwork IRO
Join Our Physician Panel
Medwork Independent Review regularly seeks qualified physicians to participate on our Medical Review Panel. As an Independent Review Organization, we conduct record reviews of treatments that have been denied by health insurance companies as experimental/investigational or not medically necessary. We conduct peer reviews to ensure that services are being provided in accordance with recognized standards of care.

Conducting reviews allows a physician to lend an informed, objective voice to the review of coverage decisions, to provide recommendations for improving the quality of care, and to ensure healthcare services are provided in the most appropriate manner possible. It is also a mechanism by which to stay abreast of the care being provided by one’s peers.

To be considered for Medwork’s’ Medical Review Panel, you must be board certified, hold a current, non-restricted license in a state of the United States and be actively engaged in the practice of medicine.

Upon successful credentialing, expert reviewers are “recruited” on a case by case basis to ensure availability, experience with the issue in question, and to screen for potential conflicts of interest. Once assigned to a case review, the expert reviewer is expected to render an accurate, objective decision based on the facts of the case, scientific evidence and national or health plan criteria (as appropriate) in a timely manner.

To be considered for our physician panel, email with your name, specialty, and preferred method of contact (phone, email, etc).

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